Friday, May 8, 2009

Princess Popcorn

Here is the popcorn I made for the YM/YW Baked Goods Auction.
It's super cute and sparkly too!

Princess Popcorn

4 cups of popcorn (I used Orville's Tender White)
2 cups Trix or Fruit Loops cereal
1 tsp to 1 TBSP edible glitter or colored sugar (I used the edible glitter)

Mix popcorn and cereal together. Place in cute bowl or bucket. Sprinkle with glitter and enjoy!

I also added a princess notebook and pencil for that extra special touch!

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charonfamily said...

I LOVE your blog! Can I link it to mine? You entered my giveaway at and I was hoping that you could email me your email address.... my email is


Wish i was one of the yw in your ward to win that yummy can of popcorn!