Saturday, November 19, 2011

KAF Baking Class

Perfect Apple Pie

On October 19th, I took two free baking classes offered by King Arthur Flour.  The classes were amazing and were taught by the co-author of three of KAF cookbooks, Susan Reid.

The morning class was Perfect Pie Crusts and Scones.

The evening class was Baking with Whole Wheat.  Between the first and second class I bought two of the cookbooks at the bookstore.  

Susan signed them for me before the second class started.

When Susan was talking about WHITE Whole Wheat in the first class I thought of a visual aid that I had made.  I sewed a ziplock down the middle and poured red wheat in one side and white wheat in the other side.  I gave that to her before the second class started and she loved it.

Since the bookstore didn't have "Cookie Companion" in stock, Susan said to order it from the KAF website and she would sign it before it shipped out.

and as promised this is what was written inside.

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